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Techno Pipe and Fittings is a recognized entity, known as the foremost, Importer, Exporter, Stockist, and Supplier of Copper Scrap. This is offered to clients as per their requirements and needs.

Copper is a soft metal that is reddish in color. It is very useful in electrical systems and can withstand heat because of its highly conductive and thermal makeup. The melting point of copper products ranges from 1984 Degree Fahrenheit. Copper Scrap is widely used in plumbing and electrical work, in addition to replacing gold for lower costs. Copper has a purity of 99.97 – 99.99 percent. the chemical composition consists of 0.03 percent carbon Cobalt: 0.001 Iron: 0.05 percent maximum 0.005 percent phosphorus 0.003 percent zinc Sulphur content is 0.001%. Copper Scraps are typically scrapped in two categories: copper tubing that is free of brass, solder, and other non-copper items, and copper tubing that contains products such as brass fittings and solder. Copper, due to its high conductivity, is an excellent medium for transmitting electrical currents through systems.

Scrap is also extensively recycled to primary smelters’ converters. The heat generated by the converter’s exothermic Fe and S oxidation reactions is especially useful for melting scrap, especially if the oxidation reactions use a lot of oxygen. For smelting low-Cu grade scrap, secondary scrap smelters are primarily used. The main smelting product is molten black copper 80% Cu, which is then converted to rough copper 96 % and cast into anodes 98.5 percent Cu.

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We don’t deliver this without testing and scrutiny, this makes assure that only good quality and useful scrap products are packed for delivery. The scrapped products are offered in top-notch quality and at reasonable prices. Clients prefer these because of their numerous advantages, which include rust-free quality, high efficiency, long-life service, and dependability. These scraps are widely used in a variety of industries due to their optimal functionality and high functional efficiency. These are widely used in chemical processing and a variety of other applications.

Types of Copper Scrap

Cupro-Nickel Wire Scrap

Copper Wire Scrap

Copper Wires Scrap, Copper Alloy Wire Scrap, Copper Aluminum Wire Scrap, Copper Beryllium Wires Scrap, Copper Millberry Scrap Wire Scrap, Copper Wire Scrap 99.95%, Copper Alloy Armature Scrap, Copper Millberry Wire Mesh Scrap,
Copper Pipe Scrap

Copper Pipe Scrap

Copper Alloy Pipe Scrap,Copper Pipes Scrap, Copper Pipe Scrap, Copper Aluminum Pipe Scrap, Copper Metals Pipes Scrap, Copper Armature Pipe Scrap, Copper Beryllium Pipe Scrap, Copper Millberry Pipe Scrap
Copper Nickel Sheet & Plate Scrap

Copper Sheet / Plate Scrap

Copper Alloy Plates Scrap, Copper Plate Scrap, Copper Millberry Sheet Scrap, Copper Alloy Millberry Coil Scrap, Copper Beryllium Plates Scrap, Copper Strip Scrap, Copper Foil Scrap, Copper Aluminum Sheets Scrap
Copper Nickel Fittings Scrap

Copper Fittings Scrap

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