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We Techno Pipes and Fittings is a leading entity offering, importing, exporting, and supplying Brass Scrap to clients worldwide. We are a leading stockist of this brass scrap in a variety of sizes, types, dimensions, and quantities. This scrap is only exported after they are been tested by our experienced staff.

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy with variable proportions that can be used to achieve different mechanical and electrical properties. It is a substitution alloy, which means that atoms from the two constituents can swap places within the same crystal structure. Brass may contain trace amounts of other elements such as arsenic, lead, phosphorus, aluminum, manganese, and silicon.

Brass Scrap can also be used for decoration as has a bright gold-like appearance; for low friction applications such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings, and valves; for plumbing and electrical applications; and extensively in brass musical instruments such as horns and bells where a combination of high workability and durability is desired.

The brass scrap can be used in a variety of machinery for several purposes like the Agricultural and Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, etc. All of these industries use various components and brass products like valves, nuts and other fasteners, etc. We test these products on a variety of quality parameters to ensure that they are flawless.

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Scrutiny is done so that only good quality brass products are been exported. We also offer the certification of the tested scrap so that it assures their quality of them. We see to it that it is precisely packed so that it doesn’t face breakages during transportation. The Brass products have a melting point of 1650- 1720 Degree Fahrenheit, this may vary as per the chemical composition. These Brass products and scrap have a maximum recycling rate of around 90 percent. Brass is a common metal used by plumbers in plumbing system components such as faucets, attachments, and water meters. Bronze, also known as red brass, is an alloy metal with a higher value due to its higher copper content.

Types of Brass Scrap

Brass Wire Scrap

Brass Wire Scrap

Brass Wires Scrap, Red Brass Wire Scrap, OceanBrass Wire Scrap, Aluminium Brass Wire Scrap, Brass Turnings Wire Mesh Scrap, Brass Honey Wires Scrap, White Brass Wire Scrap, Bras Alloy Wire Scrap
Brass Flanges Scrap

Brass Flange Scrap

Brass Flange Scrap, Yellow Brass Flanges Scrap, Red Brass Flange Scrap, Aluminum Brass Flange Scrap, Brass Alloy Flanges Scrap, Brass Honey Flange Scrap, White Brass Scrap Flange Scrap, Brass Flange Scrap
Brass Plates Scrap

Brass Sheet / Plate Scrap

Brass Sheet Scrap, Brass Alloy Sheets Scrap, Red Brass Plates Scrap, Aluminium Brass Plates Scrap, Brass Coil Scrap, Brass Honey Plate Scrap, White Brass Strip Scrap, Yellow Brass Foil Scrap
Brass Pipe Scrap

Brass Pipe Scrap

Brass Pipes Scrap, Brass Honey Pipes Scrap, Red Brass Pipes Scrap, Aluminium Brass Pipes Scrap, Brass Pales Pipes Scrap, Brass Alloy Pipes Scrap, White Brass Pipes Scrap, Ocean Brass Pipes Scrap

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